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For Residents

ND will provide you with an individual metering system that monitors and tracks your consumption of electricity, water and gas. Our state-of-the-art reporting tools will automatically send your information to our automated billing system, generating a bill for your actual consumption. You will be charged only for the utilities and the amounts that you use.

For Developers and Property Managers

ND provides individual utility meters for suites, apartments, office buildings and more. By taking advantage of our services, you will enhance your cash flow by eliminating variable utility costs, reduce your headaches and contribute to fair and equitable utility consumption. Your residents/tenants will be billed directly for their actual utility usage.

In a Nutshell...

What is Sub-Metering and How Does It Work?

Sub-metering is the only fair way to share the cost of utilities among residents of multi-unit buildings. With Sub-Metering, each suite or unit has its own meter that measures their individual use. They are then billed directly for what they use.

Why Should You Subsidize Utility Hogs?

The alternative to Sub-Metering is traditional Bulk Metering. This takes the average of the building’s utility usage and costs and splits it up equally between all of the suites or units based on square footage. Those who consume a lot, actually pay less than they use, whereas people who consume less generally pay more than they use. This is a totally unfair way of splitting utility costs.

What does ND offer?

Measurement Canada
We provide new Measurement Canada approved metering equipment.
We provide re-certification services for existing meters.
Meter Reading
We provide meter reading services onsite or digitally.
Per Unit
We measure and bill utility usage for each unit, billing users directly.
Online Account
We provide on line accounts to each user so they can monitor their consumption or invoices anytime.
Dedicated Customer Service
We provide a dedicated customer service rep to answer questions during office hours.


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