Instant Benefits of Sub-Metering:

For Consumers

  • Save up to 40% on utilities
  • Encourage energy conservation
  • Reward conservation compliant residents
  • Easy, direct billing to residents
  • Increase your unit’s value
  • Get actual reports on your energy and water consumption

For Developers and Property Managers

  • Increase building’s cash flow by eliminating variable utility costs
  • Increase property value
  • Remote reading of consumption data
  • Easy retrofit in older buildings
  • Full service meter maintenance
Save up to 40% on energy costs

Statistics show that overall, people with individual meters monitoring their consumption of electricity, water and gas achieve remarkable savings overall. Why pay to subsidize your neighbours’ usage?

Increase building's cash flow

By billing residents directly for the actual utilities they use, the building does not pay for the utilities consumed by its residents. This saves on cash flow and actually reduces the costs to the residents. It’s a win-win.

Increase property value

ND’s high tech system adds tremendous value to the building making it a more attractive investment.

Encourage energy conservation

Individual suite metering is the fairest of all systems. Residents pay only for the utilities they use in the amounts they use them. Ultimately this encourages conservation, which impacts us all.

Reward conservation compliant residents

People who make the effort to conserve utilities, are no longer subsidizing wasteful residents. Paying for what you use is the fairest system.

Easy, direct billing to residents

Our high tech system monitors and generates consumer bills for utilities used. There is no involvement from property management. Bills are sent directly to each resident. Residents can pay their utility bills conveniently online or with a traditional cheque.

Remote reading of consumption data

Both residents and property management can view their consumption online. Our powerful web-based tools, account information database, billing history and up to date usage reports help people looking to reduce their costs, budget accurately and monitor consumption.

Easy retrofit in older buildings

Individual suite metering can be applied to any building regardless of its age. We are experts at providing effective solutions that work!

Full service meter maintenance

From complete sub-metering packages to replacement of existing meters, our dedicated team of professionals are here to help. Already have an existing meter? We can provide reads on any manual meters or upgrade you to a smart meter for live data monitoring and downloading of the meter data.