Individualized measurements for equitable billing.


We leverage a combination of data networks and industry-leading software to ensure accurate billing systems, residents can monitor energy trends, and identify the potential for cost savings. Our customizable submetering solutions precisely measure electricity, water, and thermal (heating/cooling) consumption on a per-unit basis. Under this system, residents are in control of what they pay and the the building benefits from achieving occupant accountability and cost savings.

Interested in our services?

ND Energy’s individual metering systems provide a comprehensive solution that benefits all our clients and the environment through efficient utility monitoring and billing services. We can save you money 80% of the time!

Our Clients Are

Established Buildings
Residential Commercial Retail
Developers or Land owners
Condo Board of Directors

Property Managers


Our Metering Services

  • New Meter Installation (Water, Electricity, Thermal)
  • Retrofit Your Building
  • Billing & Collections
  • Meter Contract Buyouts
  • Financing Available Over 10/15 Years