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We deploy Building Automation Systems (BAS) to dynamically regulate temperature settings and utilizes mechanical equipment which will optimize energy usage throughout your property. Our BAS solution detects fluctuations, interruptions, and failures in real-time, reacting immediately with automated adjustments to maximize resident comfort and minimize energy costs. Operating through a centralized digital platform, control to your property’s mechanical equipment is conveniently at reach. 

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Rising energy costs, lowering your carbon footprint, extending the life of your equipment are key reasons to obtain a Building Automation System (BAS).


BAS provides you with technology that will enable you to recognize an issue with the equipment and remedy it before the occupants are affected. 

Operational Efficiency: A team of experts will review the existing equipment at the site and offer suggested modifications that will optimize the functionality of the equipment, while increasing its energy efficiency.  

Remote Monitoring: Property Managers, Directors and Mechanics can access real-time data, enabling them to monitor temperatures and promptly respond to maintenance issues and emergencies.

Conservation Efforts: BAS capabilities identify inefficiencies, cycles the equipment and makes set point changes to maximize efficiency, contributing to gas, water and energy conservation.  In co-operation with ND Energy the programming can be modified and enhanced to ensure on-going performance management.

Cost Savings: 40% of a building’s budget is spent on utilities. Through the implementation of a BAS system, buildings will benefit from realized savings on their bulk utility bills while taking advantage of energy incentives available. The investment by the building is typically paid off within only 2-3 years.

BAS is an invaluable tool for property owners and managers seeking to optimize efficiencies, extend the life of the equipment and realize significant savings.

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