Electric Vehicle Charging

Future-Proofing The Next Generation of Automobiles

ND Energy offers sophisticated electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions to prepare properties for the increase in EV ownership. Utilizing our integrated approach, we consolidate a breaker, meter, and charger within a single panel, to streamline the charging process for residents. The scalability of our infrastructure configuration facilitates seamless support for a diverse array of chargers, thereby optimizing the potential for incentives through Corporation ownership of the equipment. This guarantees that all parties benefit from a cost-effective charging solution.


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Did you know, majority of buildings have the capacity to accommodate 

20 chargers per floor without upgrading the existing electrical service to the building.

Proactive EV Solutions

Times are changing and the demand for EV charging is increasing exponentially, be proactive by being EV ready.

As a constantly expanding submetering and billing company, EV serves as an organic solution to assist our clients to be equipped for the future.

Our panel requires 100 amps of electricity and provides charging for 8-20 chargers (30 charger panels also available, requiring 300-400 amps). To activate, an occupant must install a 208 volt outlet from the panel to their parking space. After plugging the vehicle into the outlet, the system autonomously handles the charging process while concurrently monitoring energy consumption.

Equitable Billing: built in submetering will monitor the electricity used; the occupant will receive a monthly bill with rates determined by the buildings monthly bulk bill.

Cost Savings: the average single charger can cost an owner $5,000-$10,000 including registering an EV agreement on title. Harnessing the capabilities of our panel
significantly reduces costs, offering an unparalleled advantage.

Corporation Owned Equipment: allows you to maximize incentives available, seamlessly integrating underground garage wiring, and accommodating the charging of numerous vehicles. The return on your capital investment is projected between 3-4 years.

Enhanced Property Value: equipping a building with EV charging will result in an overall increase in its market value and will attract an array of buyers.