About Us

Empowering Sustainable Communities

Our Journey

Established in Toronto in 2013, ND Energy was founded with a vision towards being more than a submetering company. We are an all-inclusive energy management partner, where innovation and optimization are at the forefront of our strategies. With more than a decade of experience offering our clients end-to-end energy management services, we are experts at meeting the rapidly evolving needs of properties, residents, and developers.

Our Vision

We are devoted to our clients and envision partnerships founded on mutual success and growth. For us, this means conceptualizing and executing on personalized energy management solutions with special attention to the particular needs of each property. For our clients, this means on-demand access to our industry-leading expertise, resources and attentive client care. 


As we transition into the era of sustainability, conserving energy can seem overwhelming for many individuals. Making a difference is key. At ND Energy, we strive to make energy conservation convenient and affordable. Our solutions help residents understand and reduce their consumption by providing them the tools to do so conveniently. By making it easy for residents to understand and change their energy consumption habits, we inspire real change towards a greener future.