Energy and Water Reporting

Readable Data on Your Energy Consumption

Our qualified team of auditors and reporting specialists are always sure to meet the energy reporting requirements set out by the government, undertaking this task with ease. Our expertise in performance, measurement and verification guarantees reports that are both compliant and comprehensive, broadening managers understanding of energy usage in their property. Working as your partner, we ensure transparency in reporting and compliance with municipal requirements.

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EWRB Reporting Benefits

Energy and water usage can represent some of the largest operating costs in your building. Ontario’s Energy and Water Reporting and Benchmarking (EWRB) initiative can help building owners and operators:

  • access accurate and reliable information about building performance
  • save money by tracking usage
  • identify energy and water efficiency opportunities
  • compare your energy and water usage to similar buildings
  • better manage your energy consumption through improved data use, integration and analytics