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ND Your Energy Partner

ND Energy fulfills the need for a comprehensive approach to energy management, with packages that include the hardware, software, and knowledge necessary to build and sustain an energy management program on your property. We cater to properties of all sizes and purposes, optimizing our suite of services to provide a tailored solution that works best for you. Through our solutions, we aim to inspire residents to take accountability for their energy consumption and find new opportunities to save on their utility bills. 

Individualized measurements for equitable billing

Optimizing your mechanical equipment

Dynamic alert system to prevent
water damages

Readable data on your energy consumption

Future-proofing for the next
generation of automobiles

Explore other building management
solutions from our partners

Knowledge is Power

It starts with an understanding of your property and spending

One of the pivotal elements in realizing energy cost savings is to understand your current usage. Our services commence with a thorough examination of where energy is being used and why. By leveraging dynamic data analytics and digital platforms, we capture thousands of data points across all our properties that help us understand energy consumption at a deeper level.

Armed with this knowledge and our own in-house expertise, we deliver unparalleled service, delivering tangible financial outcomes. Not only do our solutions have a 2-3 year payback period, but also yield sustainable long-term cost savings for residents. They equip properties with state-of-the-art energy systems tailored for the emerging era of sustainability. Most importantly, residents get to enjoy a property that is optimized for their comfort, and financial efficiency.